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Is my Database secure ?
Can you import my existing HelpDesk data into your system ?
Can I "Brand" my screens with my own company logo ?
What is an Application Service Provider?
Why would I use an ASP instead of hosting my own application?



Is my data secure?

Every client is set up with their own database on our server. Each 
database is protected with its own authentication parameters. These 
parameters are maintained in a protected area of the server and accessible only to the application server. There is no possibility of one client seeing the data of another.

Can you import my data into the 247HelpDesk system?

Our database is an ANSI SQL compliant RDBMS database. We can import most data formats into our system including Microsoft Access databases, spreadsheets and other SQL compliant databases. Because every client's existing data structure is unique, data conversion is not included in the setup price, but we can draw on our experience with conversion and our repertoire of existing conversion scripts to provide you with a cost estimate.

Can I "Brand" my screens with my own company logo ?

The full horizontal section of screen real-estate just below the navigation bar is yours. Refer to this screen shot.

What is an Application Service Provider?

Application Service Providers (ASPs) deliver and manage applications and computer services from remote data centers to multiple users via the Internet or a private network. Obtaining these applications from an outside supplier is a cost-effective solution to the demands of systems ownership: up-front capital expenses, implementation challenges, and a continuing need for maintenance, upgrades and customization.

Why would I use an ASP instead of hosting my own application?

ASPs are a cost attractive way of serving applications. The client doesn't need to worry about the capital costs of owning their own server.  Licensing costs for database products and other software is born by the vendor, not the client. This is another significant saving.
Clients are also free from the obligations of ensuring that their software is maintained to the latest version or service release. The vendor ensures that all clients have the latest software version. Other maintenance issues such collecting backups and ensuring system availability are also born by the vendor.

ASPs use a thin-client metaphor. Almost every computer and work station has a browser installed. With an ASP-based solution, you can get at your data without requiring specialized setup or applications on your workstation. The only requirement is a reliable Internet connection.




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